Having fun in Oradea

Oradea is a vivid city, where you can find a mixture of places where one can have a great time.

Among the tourist attractions from Oradea, you can spend some quality time relaxing in various coffee shops or restaurants, from the center of the town.

You can find a wide range of coffee & tea shops, children playgrounds like the ones from Parcul 1 Decembrie, Parcul I.C. Bratianu or Parcul Petofi Sandor, nearby the Baroc Palace.

If you want to have a good family time, you can go bowling or see a good movie at the mall; if you want to have a taste of cultural events you can enjoy a play at the State Theatre also known as Regina Maria, or a philharmonic orchestra concert. The city is regularly hosting cultural events and concerts with famous artists from around the country. Every year, the festivals Oradea Fall Festival and the Fortress Festivities are a delight for all the citizens of the city.

Located nearby, Felix Spa has a lot to offer, especially because of its recreation activities, like swimming pools with thermal water, paintball fields or the equestrian club near the forest.